Perfect Imperfections !!!

Are you looking for a pet? Going to the nearby pet shop or calling a well-known breeder in your locality. No wonder most of us do the same thing. We hardly think of adopting a disabled pet. We think that disabled pet will be harder to care for and will need special accommodations to live normal lives. Trust me disabled pets are incredible. Disabled pets can live full happy lives, just spend some time with one and you’ll see how much they can enjoy and can give as much love as any pet.

Dino & Indra

While my stay in Bangalore I met Sandhya and her Mother Indra. They have adopted 3 dogs and 2 cats. It started when they adopted Dino(Labrador) who was abandoned by the owner at a dog boarding in Bangalore. Then they thought “Life is incomplete without a Cat” so they adopted Freddie – handsome Black Persian Cat.


This was not the end, she fostered few puppies and got them adopted. While fostering a batch of puppies she came across Diya – Three-legged dog and Buttons – handicapped from hind legs.

Sandhya & Buttons

Without a second thought, they adopted both Diya and Buttons. House became Home with Dino, Diya, Buttons and Freddie. Our pets may live for few years on Earth but they live forever in our Hearts. Freddie crossed the rainbow bridge last year. Freddie was missed by everyone at home and someone had to fill the void.


So, they adopted Salem from Cat Café Studio, Mumbai. Salem Suffers from Cerebral Encephalitis. Salem can never jump, run or walk but he can Love, cuddle and Play. Salem was welcomed into the family with joy and love.


Sandhya and her mother found their perfect pet with some Imperfections. So, next time when you are looking for a perfect pet to love, I hope you’re open to the idea that your perfect pet may have some imperfections.




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