Fruits and Vegetables that Zorro loves to eat !!

What do you feed your dog? What vegetables are good for the dog? What are the fruits that can make your dog healthy? Vegetables and fruits should be added to your dog’s diet?

Well, many questions come to your mind when you think of your dog’s diet chart. While making a balanced diet chat for our dogs many of us emphasize more on Non- vegetarian meal. And hardly we think of adding vegetables or fruits to their diet. We assume that dogs are non-Vegetarians and should not be given anything vegetarian. Can a dog be Vegan?  Yes. I have come across many dog owners saying that their fur-kid eats only vegetables or fruits. Eating vegetables and fruits has much of the same benefits to dogs as they do for humans. However, dogs have a different digestive system than ours so not every fruit or vegetable is good for them. Zorro’s diet includes vegetables, fruits, and chicken. His favorite Vegetables and fruits are Apple, Bananas, Spinach, Carrots, Green-Beans, and Peas.


Apples are a good source of fiber, as well as vitamin A and C. Also, helps to keep a dog’s teeth healthy as apple helps to clean off residue. Remember to always remove the core and seeds.

Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C. Potassium helps to regulate enzyme function and maintain the health of nerves and muscles as well as helping to regulate fluid balance in the body.

Spinach is not only high in iron, it also contains calcium, which is great for healthy bones.

Carrots are a great crunchy treat for dogs that naturally clean and polish their teeth. They contain beta-carotene, which helps keep a dog’s coat healthy.

Green beans are a great low-calorie snack for dogs., especially dogs needing to shed some pounds. They’re nutritious and a good source fiber too!

Peas are great for Vitamin B, Potassium and Thiamin, and like green beans, are a good low-calorie snack. Try them frozen and raw or sprinkled on top of your dog’s meal.




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