Zorro’s Beach Day

Wondering what to do on a Sunny Sunday??? You and your pet dog are getting bored at home??? The best answer is getting ready and go to the Beach.


My pet dog Zorro loves to go for long drives and visit new places. As we are in Visakhapatnam, a city surrounded by beautiful hills and beaches.ย  So, Zorro and I decided to spend this Sunday on the beach. We drove to the nearby beach passing through beautiful hills. Zorro got settled on the back seat glued to the window enjoying the scenic view. It took us 35 minutes to reach the beach. I was enthusiastic to see Zorroโ€™s reaction. Since he hasnโ€™t been to the beach for a long time. On the beach when I opened the rear door of the car, Zorro jumped out. Overjoyed with excitement he ran towards the water.


But instead of going into the water he came back and started digging a hole into the beach sand. Meanwhile, I started walking and after digging half of his Size hole in the beach sand, he joined me.


We both took a small walk on the beach. But walking was not a good idea as Zorro wanted to sit and relax. So we sat near the water to enjoy salty air and sunset. The view was stunning. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore was relaxing. But as it was getting dark, we left for home. So, this how our boring Sunday switched to an Amazing one.




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